Microsoft Azure

Mythri’s Consulting offers a wide plethora of end-to-end IT services and solutions and Microsoft Azure is one of them. This comprehensive and powerful web-hosting platform allows developers and testers to create and monitor applications with Azure’s robust, scalable, and flexible cloud-based tools across various technologies. From development and testing to monitoring, and from data warehousing to BI and big data analytics, and from digital marketing to production support, these cloud-hosting services help you manage and analyse the real-time data you want.

Our bespoke solutions to clients’ needs and their satisfaction has always been of paramount importance to us because we understand your time is an investment in your customers.

We provide help: in making you build cost-effective software infrastructures, to design and manage complex dynamic databases, to streamline your organisation’s different processes and data either internally or with your shared partners using blockchain technology, to translate this information into meaningful insights with interactive visualisations, to integrate, manage, deploy & deliver various apps via cloud-delivery models such as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, or a combination of them such as iPaaS, and to migrate huge servers and mainframes. We also help bring to you the best in class technical expertise from our staffing services to build that unique IT environment you need.

Mobile App Development—iOS and Android

With personal computers in everyone’s pockets, accessing information, products, and services via smartphones and tablets is ubiquitous and is just a couple of clicks away. From manufacturing to e-commerce including public sector businesses, in every step of the supply chain process smarter and user-friendly mobile software applications couldn’t be more crucial.

Mythri’s Consulting offers an array of end-to-end enterprise mobility application services and solutions. Having a right and effective enterprise mobility strategy in place is the first step to achieve a high-performance application with a user-satisfied interface. Our experts analyse every single detail before they start any development, such as understanding the hardware specifications & system configurations, pre-visualising screen sizes with designs, contexts & content, and considering constraints, and mobility & scalability design principles as the outlines for an effective mobile strategy.

We help clients build cross-platform mobile applications using MEAP development environment alongside our platform-specific and standalone application solutions. Our custom-tailored MEAP solutions is set to design, build, and manage a range of devices, networks, and user groups and provide you a smooth transition throughout the mobile computing lifecycle. But how useful can these high-performance mobile applications be without testing and continuous improvement of processes; our experts are agile to test programs to identify bugs, eliminate redundant process chains, generate user stats, overwrite obsolete metrics, and update new releases by creating automatic deployment processes.

At Mythri’s we offer the skill, technology, and manpower that will make you create the mobile app you want with a user interface that is easy yet profound.

UI and UX:

Consistency, convenience, dynamic, high-performance, improved-functionality, responsive, scalable, seamless, streamlined, user-friendly, and visual perception are some key words used by clients when they're talking about cross-platform web applications or websites. It is not just enough to have top-notch quality products and services, it’s also about how well you present them to your target audience and more importantly providing those products and services to customers with a unique user interface and a trouble-free user experience yet with a visually appealing design.

Mythri’s Consulting offers bespoke UI and UX solutions to all our clients’ needs—we understand your design needs like no one does for the reason that UI and UX have been one of the flagship services amongst the range of services and solutions we cater. Client satisfaction has always been of paramount importance to us because we understand your investment of time in us is an investment on your customers.

We help you achieve your goal by firstly, framing a foolproof UI strategy with a scalable design structure by undergoing a rigorous and well-researched understanding of your back-end servers, applications, and databases so we can customise the user interface that better suits your specific needs in just a matter of hours; we do this by engaging clients with our interactive real-time digital design models that simulates your ideas into prototypes using our advanced UI design tools.

We have invested a considerable amount of time, technology, and expertise in building solutions that work so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We are the one-stop shop where we help you build reliable web applications, enhance your existing applications/websites, improve functionalities, upgrade, and monitor & maintain your web applications for that seamless user experience you need.

.NET and SharePoint

Develop the high performance applications you need—from scratch—with one of the most widely-used and powerful technologies that can help you create and support every type of .NET application and cross-platform web applications and services. .NET Framework has been a powerful and competitive programming model and is packed with an extensive range of APIs which makes code-execution simple and less time-consuming, so you can build apps on any platform at ease.

Over the years Mythri’s Consulting has gained vast technical know-how by working with clients, gaining first-hand experience in application development using various Microsoft development tools and technologies—from creating new custom-built applications to performance tuning and migration and porting of systems, we don’t just help you build applications for cloud, desktop, gaming, mobile, web, IoT, or any other platform but we want to deliver business solutions that work just the way you need.

We also offer a comprehensive list of content management solutions with Microsoft’s SharePoint services: Whether you want to seamlessly share information, resources, and applications within teams, departments, and divisions across various platforms in a corporate domain or extend the current web application for external users with multiple extranet-facing access points, we understand your operational needs better than anyone else for the reason that our highly-skilled expertise doesn’t just provide implementation and deployment of your SharePoint web application but provides a 24/7 security esp. when your systems are interconnected between various security domains. We also provide migration, cloud, and activity & reporting services so you can seamless experience a shared community across platforms without hassles.


The world is slowly but constantly transforming to the cloud technology; and, it’s already the dominant platform for most businesses—both big and small.

Small to medium-sized enterprises are looking to build basic and simple content management applications directly on the cloud, on the other end, big multinational firms are now eventually struggling to migrate enormous sizes of data and applications such as ERP systems loaded with decades of information across departments, divisions, and geographies to cloud networks which are reliable and robust.

At Mythri’s we understand the dynamics that stimulates change in the ever-changing IT industry; so, we care your business decisions, priorities, and stipulated timely deliverables so you can comfortably look ahead of your competitors. We provide a comprehensive range of services on Oracle-based product suites such as Oracle WebCenter Content, WebCenter Portal, and WebCenter Sites which lays a strong foundation to your unified repository so you can efficiently capture and share content & documents across multiple communication points.

We also provide database-related and BI solutions such as database management, data warehousing, reporting & dashboard building, Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS)—for those who need cost-effective deployment models compared to conventional physical hardware deployment models—database security services, and on-premises database migration to cloud so you can gather information, retrieve, and translate data into information and further into insights for internal decision making.


The number of new-version releases sitting in a stack of queue, waiting, is way longer than the time taken to deploy and deliver a single support update—and that’s just within a team—imagine the case within a cross-functional environment involving various teams, departments, and groups in dispersed geographies. The solution is not to look behind to traditional approaches such as round-the-clock production support or requiring more manpower but rather to look at a unified coordination of automation & manpower so you can deliver on-time releases/updates which means faster time to market whilst ensuring maximum security and high quality—this, is the core of DevOps.

Whether your company has a business requirement that needs to deliver multiple rapid deployments, or if you are into SaaS, PaaS, IaaS or if you are an advanced analytics and big data service provider, we at Mythri’s Consulting host an impressive array of DevOps Engineers who fervently embrace the cultural philosophy of this model, who work cohesively to meet common objectives, and who are thoroughly expert in diverse processes, technologies, and tools in the entire application development and deployment life cycle.

We are technically proficient to professionally advice, code, develop, test, release, monitor, support, and automate your processes in cloud or on-prem. Stay integrated and continuously build, test, deploy, and deliver with no limitations to infrastructure whilst scaling up and down in alignment to your business needs.