Banks and Financial Institutions

Globally, banks and financial institutions of all sizes are under scrutiny like never before—the Basel Compliance, the FSB’s capital and liquidity requirements for Tier 1 firms, the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform, and the Consumer Protection Act have all lifted measures to prevent another Great Recession. Furthermore, in the US the CFPB has committed to oversee any abusive financial practices by financial institutions. All these monitoring bodies are raising the bar of transparency of banks and financial institutions both big and small; and, amidst this, banks are trying hard to increase shareholders’ margins.

Even big banks are scaling back globally—selling its profitable but non-core businesses to specialist banks and financial institutions—sticking to core services to increase revenue. So, how will the ever-shifting banking environment manage all these changes?

Mythri’s Consulting services provides both skilled manpower and technology so your business’ future development will be achieved by organic growth rather than acquisitions of other companies. Our unique approach of providing banking solutions can support your firms to stabilize and recover your business into a profitable one amidst any disruptions in the financial markets.

Information Technology:

Information technology is a never-ending global necessity across industries—from manufacturing to retail—every organisation requires IT infrastructure, systems, technology, and resources. For example, Cybercrime—one of the growing concerns today in the world of IT. Businesses across industries make millions of transactions every day, worldwide; and with just a small malware intruding in a network of interconnected systems will not just affect the stock valuation and margins (in millions) but will face ancillary costs related to fixing the problem; or a simple DDoS cyberattack could rout huge amount of traffic in an attempt to knock services offline. Furthermore, counterfeit applications are also able to intercept two-factor authentication codes which can be accessed by e-criminals. These losses can be negligible compared to the damage caused to a firm’s reputation. Companies around the world find it hard to address this issue and mark it as one of their key challenges.

Cybersecurity is not just a technical area, it involves gathering general business risks, efficiently translating operational and technical data, building effective and resilient systems, having vast domain knowledge, and more importantly having skilled manpower. Mythri’s Consulting services can provide support in framing a right cyber strategy for your entire IT environment and most importantly to translate complex information into insights which can be modelled against expected and worst-case scenarios.

To what extent can information technology reach in the future could be limitless, but is huge already; and in its entirety, repercussions of a malfunction in this complex system is sadly inevitable. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions in the field of information technology. We provide both skilled manpower and technology so your businesses can combine both the state-of-the-art technology with the best technical expertise to provide a 24/7 critical intelligence to your organisation.

Retail and E-Commerce

The retail and e-commerce sectors combined is one of the largest industries in the world—with more workers than any other industry. Nonetheless, the growth and trends aren’t the same all around the world; mature markets like the US has reached the peak of its growth in local markets and are looking for global presence and global market share in less exploited markets such as Canada, India, Mexico, and Brazil; even the e-commerce sector in the US is mature but is undergoing a transformational phase—drone deliveries, innovative e-commerce models like the virtual 3D trial option, service robots in traditional brick-and-mortar stores, IoT & big data analytics are some innovative approaches to meet the growing demands of consumers.

On the other side of the spectrum we have the UK—which has the most active e-consumers in the world. However, the UK is hit by a series of blows lately; Brexit followed by 2017 snap general elections and terrorist activities in the recent past have all led to: fluctuations in the macro and micro economic factors in the country, volatile financial markets, and the depreciation of the pound sterling. On the other end, countries with one of the fastest internet speeds like South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong have strong local presence with limited or no presence of high-profile retailers; on the contrary, South East Asian countries have slow internet speeds and are struggling to cope with their neighbours.

Mythri’s Consulting understands the increasing disruptions in the fastest-growing industry in the world. Whether you want to restructure your existing loyalty program, or transform your sales data to insights, or track & turn customer behaviour into powerful visualisations, or need your ERP systems in cloud we are your one-stop IT shop.


We can’t not talk about improving cycle time, high quality, increased operational efficiency & productivity, and kaizen (continuous improvement) when we are dealing with a continuous production process. On the other side, the adoption of new technologies is slowly but constantly gaining momentum. In this current dynamic scenario businesses need to catch up with the ever-changing IT industry as never before.

However, many manufacturers are still slow to implement a paradigm shift in their businesses and deem change as a challenge rather than an opportunity. Mythri’s Consulting helps you carefully strategise your business models & processes so you can make optimum use of the technologies you’ve invested in and convert the stagnate and underperforming areas in your supply chain into high-performing teams.

Get the complete knowledge of your suppliers and their activities, both inbound & outbound logistics operations, stock control, workforce task tracking, and sales data and transform your manufacturing setup into an industrial automation with integrated supply chain ecosystems so you don’t miss any information across your entire supply chain.